Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When Love Returns

The alarm clock woke me up. It is exactly 6:00 am in the morning. I need to be on Quezon city before 8am for my job interview. Beside me is Dianne and on my right is Tracy. I don't bother waking them up. I hit the shower and quickly changed in to a presentable attire. Before I left the pad, I wrote a short note for the two sleeping beauties so both of them will know that their Romeo just left the house.

The sun is beginning to shine and you can already see the people rushing through the streets of Ortigas complex. Some talking on the phone, some chatting with friends, the girl at the other side of the street is still combing her wet long hair, and these two guys are flamboyantly walking out of an alley doing jazz squares while holding hand in hand. Ortigas is indeed the new Makati. I'm standing in front of our building, waiting for a fare as I wave my still sleepy arms to cabs passing by.

I looked into my watch and 10 minutes has already passed after seven and still no cab, when suddenly somebody called my name. I looked back and there, a familiar face is standing a few inches from where I stand.

"Hi. Kumusta ka na Franco?" the girl said while smiling at me.

"Love?" I answered with a doubt on my tone.

"Akala ko, nakalimutan mo na ako."

And it is really her. Love [last name omitted], class bookworm, campus crush, Glee club's Star performer, talented actress and a spirited dancer. She also happened to be my best friend and one of the reason why I dropped out of College and left our country to hide in the shadows of the big apple. At that moment memories flashes in front of me. Memories that I don't really want to entertain... for now.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as I continue waving my hands to cabs on the street.

"Wala lang. I just found out the other day na nasa Pilipinas ka na. I tried to get in touch pero walang sumasagot sa phone mo." she said.

"Madalas akong wala sa pad ko. Di mo lang siguro ako matyempuhan," I answered.

"I'm just wondering if we can talk. Marami akong dapat ipaliwanag sa 'yo," she pleaded.

"I can't talk right now. I have a very important appointment," I said with a little annoyance on my tone.

"Kailan tayo puwedeng mag-meet?" she asked as she moved closer to me.

Before I even answer her question a car from the basement parking lot just stopped in front of me.

"Hey Franco." the girl in the car shouted as the window on the passenger side seat opens down.

"Dianne. Akala ko tulog ka pa." I shouted back.

"Just woke up. I read your note so I hurried down. Ano saan ba interview mo? Hatid na kita. Alam kong mahirap taxi dito." she offered with a naughty wink on her eyes.

I'm so late so I decided to accept Dianne's offer. I quickly opened the door and hopped inside Dianne's car. I almost forgot Love is still standing there on the sidewalk so I rolled the window down.

"Love, I really need to go. Maybe some other time." I explained. "Sige, malelate na ako. Dianne, let's go."

Dianne shifted gears and kicked the gas pedal, the car sped away as I look back on her still standing in front of our building.

"I'm sorry Love, I still can't forget everything."


steph said...

whoa!!! I imagine hurt in your eyes just by reading your post. what happen?

blacksheepkareen said...

ouch... :c